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Rocket League Might Come To Nintendo NX

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Rocket League could come to Nintendo NX according to recent statements by the Vice President of Psyonix, Jeremy Dunham.

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In an interview with GamingBolt, the specialized site asked Dunham if they take their successful title of football and racing game could come to the new Nintendo console. The executive’s response was: “It is certainly something we would consider. We consider all platforms, and whether or not they would make sense for Rocket League, whether or not they fit our timelines, whether or not we can afford to make our games on them.”

Dunham said the studio will judge whether it is worth investing time and resources in new versions of Rocket League for NX or PlayStation NEO instead for adding more content to existing versions. “if the answers are positive, then we would,” said the developer.

Psyonix made it clear that the idea is possible but, since this is a business decision, it all depends on the likely benefits for the company and its players.

Unfortunately, Rocket League will not ever see the release on Wii U, but Nintendo NX is in the chamber and it might be a great idea to make a version for this hardware because both parties would benefit substantially. Nintendo NX is to be unveiled later this year and available in March of next year.