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Rocket League “Crazy Different Maps” as Free DLC download available soon

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Rocket League is an amazing racing based soccer game. The best part of this game is that it is full of fun and anyone can play this. The game developer is going to soon provide lots of free map in the form of DLC to Rocket League. The name of this new upcoming DLC is Crazy Different Maps. As the name says, the DLC is going to add some competitive maps in the game that will let you to play and have more fun. If you are bored with the existing maps then this new upcoming update will be lot more impressive. The new maps will be a bit different compared to what you are playing right now. There would be some changes that will make the game a lot more challenging than it was before.

Rocket League Crazy Different Maps Pics
Rocket League Crazy Different Maps Pics

As per the game developer this new changes will help players to play the game in a different way with more competition. Yet not much information is revealed about the maps and the DLC release date is also not yet confirmed.  Rocket League gained nice popularity after its release and many users are still joining it constantly. So releasing new content for this game is also a kind of important thing to keep the players entertaining. The game is also going to get a patch in some coming time that is going to add a new 3vs3 map mode. It is good to simply wait back for the patch and dlc release.

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