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Rocket League 1.05 Patch download available soon

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Rocket League 1.05 Patch will be coming up soon with some new features. The patch logs are provided below. The patch is recently announced and with that there will be a new option through which you can filter players in PS4 while matchmaking.

Rocket League 1.05 Patch is given here and below:

  • You can finally search for a new ranked match at the end-game screen
  • PC players can filter PS4 players
  • Usernames displayed as ********* will be fixed
  • Broken textchat will still work after coming from suspend mode on PS4
  • Season 1 finally starts with 1.05
  • There will be a music player in the game to switch between the game’s music tracks
  • Improved savegame corruption protection
  • Changes/improvements to Utopia will happen in 1.05 as well
  • Middle east servers will still come at some point (questioned on twitter).
Rocket League Pics
Rocket League Pics

The above patch changelogs is usually taken from Twitter and updated on the official site. The patch logs cleared up few features that will be coming up in the game. Like players are now allowed to filter players on the PS4. Nothing is much explained how this feature is really going to work, but this will provide you certain way to filter the players and then go with the match.