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Rock Climbing made Better: Some tips and Tricks

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Rock climbing is an exercise that develops the upper part of the body and improves agility, grip and coordination skills. Rock climbing requires a lot of effort and practice for a person to be a master at it. However, it is a historical sport in Australia and statistics say that about 300,000 Aussies climb regularly.

There are quality brands like Verx Australia, which sell rock climbing products of various kinds. They include work and safety products, carabiners and connectors, bags, rocks and cords, slings and lanyards, helmets and many more. It is crucial to buy quality products because the strenuous task causes a lot of wear and tear.

Along with the products, one needs to be well equipped in mind and body to exhibit extraordinary coordination skills. Let us look at some of the instructions, exercises and tricks to master this art.

Things To Look out for

Rock climbing needs extreme concentration and agility while managing obstacles. Here are some of the instructions one needs to follow to experience a perfect climb.

  1. One should hold the rock tightly, using both the hands and the trail should pass between the legs.
  2. One has to pull themselves upwards by bending their elbows and reaching for the higher parts, using the lower hands. They should repeat the process till they reach the top.
  3. To support the body weight on the way to the top, one can use the push the rock behind the legs and use a foot to stand on it.
  4. One should choose rocks of about 1.5″ – 2″ of thickness and climb it quickly.

Rock Climbing Exercise for Beginners

Rock climbing is a popular training method in the military, as it can enhance the body, and helps one think fast. However, beginners can find it a bit hard to cope with because it requires a certain level of fitness and strength. After the initial difficulty, the person will develop an excellent grip and dominance in their biceps.

The good news is that there are different types of exercises for the beginners, which can help them develop the strength and competency needed to engage with the sport. Some of them are

  1. Push-ups: For a person who is too weak at grips and strength in the upper part of the body, push-ups can help to a great extend. Here, the upper part of the muscles will get general development and will help increase endurance levels.
  2. Pull-ups: They are an easy-to-do exercise that helps develop the muscles at a faster rate, and thereby, increases body weight. It is a typical upper body exercise where the body utilised freely to enhance its efficiency.
  3. Weight-lifting: It is a common form of training that helps develop the skeletal muscles’ strength and size. The person will be required to lift weighted bars like dumbbells and use the force of gravity in their favour. Through this exercise, one can enhance a lot of their strengths and grips.


There are different levels of rock climbing that gives different kinds of excitement. A person has to find the right type of climbing according to their convenience. However, it is more important being well equipped while engaging in the sport, with the required items like contour bags, from brands like Verx Australia. Moreover, there are about 66,000 climbing routes in Australia, which paved the way for the country’s rock climbing culture. Therefore, one would expect an Australian to be well-versed in this skill.