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Roblox Egg Hunt 2020: Here’s Everything About The Game, Release Date, Gameplay and Trailer!

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The egg hunt game is just like an event in which players collect eggs in various games. Here we’ll talk about the gameplay, release date, and all other updates if the game.



Egg hunts are exclusive events that conduct once in a year. Basically, egg hunts are called egg drops, and the name also changed due to the theme changing in the game.

In the game theme, collecting eggs are included from multiple games that played across the Roblox platform. Each egg has different values, and players follow the different ways to collect it.

These are unique and limited in numbers for the players. The cost of the egg-based on the hardness to find the eggs from multiple games. Sometimes eggs sell at a high price.

Release Date of The Roblox Egg Hunt

The Roblox Egg Hunt 2020 will be available on 7th April, and the duration remains last for three weeks. Therefore events will start on 7th April and end on the 28th of April.

Players can collect an egg from multiple games in this duration, which are present in Roblox. Gamers have more time to obtain eggs in various games across Roblox.

Latest Updates

Here is the trailer of the game, which contains various information about the hunt. The first time of egg hunt happened in 2008a and then occurring not continuously.

After that, we got more information after the 7th Annual Bloxys from where the name, logo, and duration of this event revealed. This hunt contains 54 eggs for the players and rumored to be 40 eggs.

Players are categorized into Video stars, Admin, and developer. Moreover, there are different types of equipment available to collect eggs. Players use Eggmin Cannon 9000, Creaeggtor Cannon 9001, and Eggveloper cannon 9002; all these are best to collect eggs.