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Robinson: The Journey New E3 2016 Trailer Revealed

Crytek has distributed, with a motif at E3 2016, a new trailer of Robinson: The Journey, its new game for virtual reality, which will come before on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, and then reach the PC configurations.

With a new trailer released today at E3 2016, Robinson The Journey of Crytek offers us the chance to take a look at the adventure coming to PlayStation VR.

In Robinson: The Journey, we embody a young man whose ship has just crashed on a mysterious planet. We will have complete freedom to explore and interact with the environment, thanks to a kind of drone that will give us directions, leading us to unravel all sorts of mysterious secrets. In fact, the planet, prehistoric, is full of dinosaurs and antediluvian creatures.

Viewed from the perspective of the player, the trailer shows fragments of the accident of the spaceship that carries the protagonist of the game to become a castaway on a mysterious planet outside the solar system. As soon as you open the door of the spaceship aground, the player will witness a fascinating landscape full of meteor showers, populated by dinosaurs that consists of unexplored territories stretching up to the horizon.

The game, available exclusively on PlayStation VR, does not have a definite release date, so we just have to wait for new updates about it.

Check out the new trailer of Robinson: The Journey below:

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