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Robinson: The Journey for PlayStation VR gets first Debut Trailer

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As part of the Paris Games Week, Sony Computer Entertainment unveiled a new video of Robinson: The Journey, the next game of Crytek that will use the virtual reality headset of PlayStation VR for the PS4.

Originally, the development studio Crytek issued a technical demo which featured the performance of its graphics engine of CryEngine in virtual reality. As part of last E3, this demo has finally turned into full-fledged game, called Robinson: The Journey. The title, exclusive to PlayStation 4, operates with the virtual reality headset of PlayStation VR (formerly Project Morpheus) and the home of graphics engine of the firm of Cevat Yerli.

Robinson: The Journey Screenshot
Robinson: The Journey Screenshot

As part of the PlayStation conference under the Paris Games Week, Sony Computer Entertainment has released a trailer that looks pretty immersive. The title offers us to play as a young boy who was stranded with his spaceship on an island inhabited by dinosaurs.

Robinson: The Journey is based on two technological demo of Crytek for virtual reality headset. Both took place on the island with dinosaurs and eventually served as an inspiration for the upcoming game. In the first demo you are just staring, as you will be closely looking at dinosaur, while in the latter you have already climbed up the cliff and explored the world around them.

In Robinson: The Journey, creators of both elements are combined together and process them in a much larger scale. More details were provided by Crytek executive producer Elijah Freeman in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

In addition to that, Crytek’s Executive producer Elijah Freeman has provided more details in a post on the the PlayStation Blog that stresses this game will be not just a big world with beautiful graphics, but also has an emotionally powerful story. For now, Robinson: The Journey game has no specific release date.

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