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Rise of the Tomb Raider DirectX 12 Patch download available now

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The Nixxes Software, responsible for the PC version of Rise of the Tomb Raider, released the long awaited patch that implements DirectX 12, the latest API of Microsoft. Together with it, also comes the Nvidia VXAO (Voxel Based Ambient Occlusion), which the company calls “the most advanced ambient occlusion solution in the real world time.” It was developed specifically for GPUs with Nvidia Maxwell architecture.

Rise of the Tomb Raider - DirectX 11 vs DirectX 12

The main promise, of course, is that the new API brings improved performance in the game. As an example, the developers used a combination of Intel Core i7-2600 with memory of 1333MHz (capacity not specified) and GTX 970.

According to them, with this PC at high setting, the game ran at 46 fps in DirectX 11. Already in DirectX 12, it runs to 60. Of course, the results will vary from hardware to hardware, and this is probably the most positive scenario for the API.

To check the topic on Steam with the full patch notes, click here. The update, for now, is only available for those who have the game on Steam, and will be downloaded automatically when the game starts. The Nixxes Software still says that VXAO will be exclusive to the Valve platform. According to the company, the update – without VXAO, though – should arrive in the coming days for those who have the game in the Windows Store.

Another new feature is an internal benchmark tool, which greatly facilitates the work of comparing the performance of hardware in DX11 to DX12, and see the impact of VXAO performance relative to HBAO+.

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The Nixxes asks players to download the newest drivers for their GPUs to ensure better stability and performance with DirectX 12. This means the 364.51 WHQL drivers from Nvidia and AMD Radeon Crimson 16.3 drivers.

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