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Ring Fit Adventure Official Website for Nintendo Switch Launched

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Ring Fit Adventure will release on October 18 and Nintendo has already launched the official website of this title that combines adventure and movement detection with a special peripheral for physical activity.

For its operation, along with the peripheral, Ring Fit Adventure requires the use of Joy-Con in order to offer players an adventure where to attack or defend when we will have to perform various exercises.

With a weight of 300 grams, the device in question, Ring-Con, consists of a ring to detect the movements and effort of the player. In this accessory, we will place the right Joy-Con and we will hold it as if it were a steering wheel. On the other hand, the left Joy-Con will be placed on the left thigh of the players with a band.

In the adventure mode of the game, our goal will be to clear this fantasy-cut world of corruption that Draco, our enemy, leaves behind. The protagonist will have to travel through 20 different worlds while collecting coins and resources. So that this proposal is not too obtuse, with us there will be a character that will guide us to correctly perform the exercises with our Ring-Con.

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