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Ring Fit Adventure New Fitness Game Revealed for Nintendo Switch

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After revealing a strange and mysterious teaser, Nintendo today revealed a new gaming experience for Nintendo Switch. This is Ring Fit Adventure, a title that will come with some accessories for the hybrid console.

As we had anticipated, it is a product that will help you exercise while having fun saving the world. As the name implies, Ring Fit Adventure is an adventure game with RPG elements, where you will have to use your whole body to progress.

In Ring Fit Adventure, you will explore an extensive world, where you will face various creatures that you can defeat with certain movements. The title will use the Joy-Con, but will be coupled to the new attachments: the Ring-Con and the Leg Strap.

The first one is a hoop that can detect your strength and your superior movements, while the Leg Strap will detect the movement of your legs. The title will include various mini-games that will take full advantage of the accessories.

The title will be developed throughout 20 worlds, where your mission will be to defeat the dragon Dragaux. To do this you must defeat their minions with a great variety of movements of your body, which will combine the use of the Ring-Con and the Leg Strap.

Ring Fit Adventure was designed as an experience for all types of players. According to Nintendo, the title will encourage physical activity while providing the fun of the company’s products. Below I leave you with its presentation trailer:

Nintendo said that in this adventure you can use more than 49 skills, which are common exercise movements. The challenge will be to do them correctly, because in this way you will cause more damage to the enemies.

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The title will also feature a Quick Play mode, which will allow users to have quick game sessions and will be ideal for sessions between several people. There will also be a Simple mode, where you can choose the exercises you want to perform individually.

In addition, the Set mode will give a series of exercises related to or dedicated to a specific part of the body. To avoid making a lot of noise, the title includes a silent mode, where certain exercises will be replaced by others with less impact.

Do you like this project? If so, take into account that Ring Fit Adventure will be available on October 18. The package will include the game, as well as the Ring-Con and the Leg Strap. The game will be sold for a price of $79.99 USD.

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