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Rime is still in development for PS4, could come to Xbox One and PC

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Rime was announced as an exclusive game for PlayStation 4 at Gamescom 2013. Since then, news of this title have been few; however, its creators today confirmed that development still continues.

Rime PS4 Game

Tequila Works, through the communication manager Jose Herráez, announced that Rime still in development for PlayStation 4. The website GameSpot have also obtained information that speaks of an expansion of the studio.

Rime, presented in 2013 as an exclusive game for PlayStation 4 at Gamescom that year, has suffered numerous delays and changes, even putting in doubt its development on several occasions. According to GameSpot, the communications manager of Tequila Works, Jose Herraez said that Rime is “advancing at a great pace” and will soon have more news.

Also, Herraez said the studio has expanded 40%. This suggests that the project will be much more ambitious than originally planned.

Last March, Tequila Works announced that it regained the rights to the game. Until then, the rights of Rime was owned by Sony, which involved the exclusivity of the game on its platform. The acquisition by Tequila Works, could open the possibility of seeing Rime on other consoles such as Xbox One, or even mention its jump to the PC.

At the moment, we know that Rime is an adventure open world game and that its plot will focus on the journey of a child seeking to escape an island.

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