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Rime could come to PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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Rime, the title of adventure initially announced as exclusive for PlayStation 4 ,could have versions for Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, according to information disclosed this day in a Brazilian classification pages of titles.

The title was originally announced in 2013 for PlayStation 4, however, after a long period without news, in March this year the development team, Tequila Works, said it was seeking to acquire the distribution rights of Rime, which belonged to Sony.

Last August, the exclusive title of PlayStation 4 was in doubt as 2 small businesses, Grey Box and Six Foot, revealed that they would be responsible for distributing Rime.

Originally, Microsoft was interested in Rime and sought that was exclusive to Xbox One, however, the company refused to provide support for financing development. It was here when Sony came and managed to obtain the title for PS4.

At this time, the story looks different again, it seems that Rime will leave exclusivity aside and reach all possible platforms.

Rime is a puzzle adventure game for a player who tells the story of a young castaway trapped on a mysterious island after a torrential storm. Players must decipher the challenges and secrets of this world, with wild creatures and the ruins of a forgotten civilization. Previously, the title has been compared to ICO and The Legend of Zelda.

According to information from the distributors, Rime will debut in early 2017.