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Rime Developer on Switch Issues: Aspects of The Game Are Beyond A Patch-Level Fix

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After debuting in November for Nintendo Switch, the Tequila Works game, RiME, was pointed out by its graphics performance problems, a situation that caused criticism from users.

The portal for the Nintendo console was under the responsibility of Tantalus Media, who are in charge of solving the problems but, unfortunately, they still have not found a solution.

A few days ago, Tim Slager, community manager of Tantalus published on the official forums of Gray Box Games an update on the status of the work to solve the problems of the game on Switch.

According to Slager, the team in charge of the Nintendo Switch version of the game have kept abreast of the problems of graphics performance and since these were detected they have worked to solve them. However, the results have not been positive and at the moment Tantalus has not been able to find the origin and, therefore, the solution of the problem because, according to their analysis, the port of RiME on Switch has problems that go beyond of the release of a simple patch to solve them.

Given this scenario, Slager reported that Tantalus has not yet decided the path they will take to face performance problems of Rime on Switch and, at the moment, they are only preparing a general balance to determine the real degree of the situation. Finally, Slager assured that in January they will offer definitive information.

Rime is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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