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How to Choose the Right Tile Color

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The color and texture of tiles is a perfect way to add personality to your rooms, accentuating the look and feel of your home. But you should be very cautious because every color has its mood. And if a certain color works for one room, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be ideal for another one. Here are some tips on how to choose the right tile color for your next home improvement project.


Think how you want your space to feel 

If you want to create relaxing and quiet space, select right tile color for your floors and walls on the more neutral end of the spectrum. But if you’re going to add a sense of energy and movement to your space, choose tiles in a color that will contract with the rest of the décor elements. For example, you can create a feature wall in your home using bold and bright arabesque wall tile

Bright red, auburn, or gold colors can add a drama and even glamour to your kitchen or bathroom and help to warm up space, creating a welcoming atmosphere. On the other hand, such colors as white, beige, and light gray, as well as green and blue glass mosaics on the walls will make your space feel cool. 

Consider the size of the room

Choosing light-colored tiles for your floors, you can make a small room look bigger and more open. Tiles in light colors that reflect light, like pastels and creams, are good for a narrow hallway or a small guest bathroom, creating an airy, spacious feel. Using the same wall tile color as the floor tiles, you can enhance that feeling of spaciousness.

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Dark color tiles, like rich chocolates, navy tones, dark gray, or forest green, absorb light and can make your room feel more elegant and cozy. They will look great in large areas with plenty of light.

Go for black or gray

Black tile are ideal for creating monochromatic interiors and will allow you to choose color supplements and experiment with textures and structures. To get the best of it, you should pair it with the right partner shades, such as whites, beiges, and creams. 

Gray color tiles on floors will look good in modern industrial-looking settings and add a classy and elegant feel to a small living room or bedroom.  Such tiles will form a neutral color base to which you can add bold colored furnishings. Light gray tiles will look perfect if the room has a lot of natural light. Deep grays, combined with rich browns, will create very modern, chic feel in a living room that has not many windows.   

Color schemes of wall and floor tiles are multiform, and the choice will depend on your preferences. But remember that tile is a durable material, and no matter what color tile you choose for your space, the interior lasts for a long time. That’s why it’s crucial to select a tile color that you will want to look at every day.