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Ride 2 gets PS4 Pro support, will run at 4K and 30 FPS

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Milestone has announced that starting today RIDE 2 is optimized for PlayStatation 4 Pro: on the new Sony console, the game will run at 4K (not specified whether natives or upscaled) and 30 FPS. The Italian studio has updated their racing simulator to allow all owners to take advantage of the potential of PS4 Pro.


During today, PlayStation 4 Pro officially arrives in stores and informs the news about the titles that will support this new platform through the graphical improvements.

The group of third-party support from launch of the new console now also adds Ride 2 in its list. Thus, Milestone is pleased to announce that starting today Ride 2 will be available in 4K and run at 30 fps on PlayStation 4 Pro, a version that is in addition to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

RIDE 2 was released last October, and it was warmly received by audiences and critics. Ride 2 contains more than 200 tracks, which can be used on new tracks like the Northwest 200 and many more.

In addition, Milestone added new game modes that provide the opportunity to interact with friends. A challenging AI for all professional drivers is also included. You can also look forward to graphical improvements and a revision of the physics model.