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Retro Studios working on a game for Nintendo Switch, company seeks for staff

The authors of the saga of Metroid Prime (and of Donkey Kong Country Returns/Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze) are looking for new staffs, in particular the studio is seeking for engineers, artists and animators to join its team.

Retro Studios is one of the houses in the first party development of Nintendo among the most admired. Without these guys we could never play some of the masterpieces such as Metroid Prime or Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, etc which is also their last game, released in 2014.

Many have wondered about what they have been working for the past two years. There is talk of a new intellectual property. Some would like a new Metroid Prime. However, for now the only certainty is the uncertainty.

Now, the announcement on Twitter about hiring staff suggests that the studio is actually working on a new project, almost certainly destined to Nintendo Switch. Will this be the long-awaited new episode of Metroid? Or maybe a new IP?

There are right now no clue to support these claims, the only certainty right now is that Retro Studios is the certainly hiring new professionals for a project that is not yet announced.

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