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Rumor: Retro Studios To Announce 2 Games, Open World Star Fox At E3 2018 and Donkey Kong Country Wooden Fury

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When you are so close to E3 2018, the network is often invaded by rumors, some true and many false. The time will show which one is right, however, in the meantime, we bring you one of the latest rumors, linked to the titles in development from Retro Studios, a software house responsible for the Metroid Prime series and Donkey Kong Country.

According to the IGN forum, the developers would have two titles in the pipeline: one would be the new Donkey Kong Country: Wooden Fury which is scheduled for the end of 2019. The second, would be an ambitious project for Star Fox: an open world with space exploration.

This title should see the light by the end of 2018. Below is a summary of its characteristics, as indicated by the insider:

1. The development began in March 2014.
2. Originally it was a game for Wii U, the reveal was scheduled for the E3 2016, while the launch for summer 2017, but was delayed and moved on Switch.
3. It’s not in the first person.
4. It stars as Fox but you can also play as Falcon, Slippy, Peppy and other characters.
5. Star Fox is not the protagonist of the game, but only one of the many playable characters. The galaxy itself will be the protagonist.
6. The story is the same for all the characters, but each will have different footage, equipment, secondary missions, and narratives.
7. The characters rise in level. You can get new tools, weapons, equipment, clothes, and armor. In the gaming world, there will be merchants and specialists.
8. It is possible to change character in real time in bases, stations, and outposts. Others will follow us on foot or on board vehicles.
9. You can give orders to your team.
10. There are six or seven main planets, each different from the others for atmosphere, landscapes, population, city, etc. The size of the explorable areas varies from about 25 to 95 square kilometers.
11. You can also explore smaller planets, asteroids, abandoned space stations, spacecraft, etc.
12. Present new vehicles and others have already seen in the other chapters of the series.
13. Support for Amiibo.
14. The game was born as a new space-based IP with realistic features, but Retro proposed to Nintendo to turn it into the new Star Fox.
15. Full reveal expected at E3 2018.

Of course, in the absence of an official announcement by Nintendo or Retro Studios, we must consider all this with a big grain of salt waiting for official confirmation from the publishers.

Retro Studios was working on a title with a strong narrative charge. What is this the title in question? For the moment, however, we invite you to take this news as a simple rumor, as there is no official confirmation.