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Retailers want to sell you games weeks before the release date

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Recently, the site GamesIndustry published important information around a series of talks that video game stores are conducting with publishers to allow physical copies to be sold up to 3 weeks before the release date.

According to reports of GamesIndustry, the stores, represented by the Electronics Retails Association (ERA), put the proposal on the table arguing that a hypothetical authorization would have many benefits for these and consumers.

The basic premise of the ERA is that the situation would be similar to a digital pre-sale, which is not open to play to date and time set, so they offered to publishers that even with games in the hands of consumers 3 weeks before, they will not be able to play until the official launch day.

With this proposal, video game stores seek to boost their sales and modify the pre-sale scheme to avoid negative situations such as cancellation of the same because, for many factors, there are occasions when games are delayed and modification of the release dates results in costs that are absorbed by stores.

Finally, the reports indicate that the publishers have not solved anything, however, they have chosen to place the negative side of the matter because, according to their vision of the proposal, there would be many difficulties around the logistics delivery if this is given 3 weeks before, in addition to the greater risk, piracy, since the physical version of a game would be available to the black market with a longer time before the release date.

It should be remembered that stores such as GameStop have been involved in problems because of their sales practices that have led them to lie to customers by denying new copies of games to maximize their profits compared to the trade in used games.

What’s your opinion about it? Will it make sense to take a copy of a game without being able to use it? Let us know in the comment section below.