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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Open Beta available for download on PC

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Following a strange hysteria in the gaming community, caused by lack of Resident Evil Revelations 2 support for cooperative transmission with one computer (in split screen mode) , the company Capcom has decided to tighten and add the same mode in the game. At the moment, this feature is available in Open Beta version of the game in Steam, which can be installed with proper desire. After applying, soon the local (offline) cooperative will be available by default.

At this point the offline co-op feature exists in a rather makeshift form. So, Capcom has warned in advance that a special interface for it has not yet been created. To run the game in a split screen, you must press «Start» on the game controller of the second player. This applies to both the campaign mode, and the mode of Raid.

When a local co-op mode will be selected from beta testing and will be available by default, is still unknown. Recall that the game was published on February 24th 2015.

Below are information on Known issues/limitations, also listed on this address:

  • Menu option and UI elements specific to co-op mode aren’t implemented in this build.
  • Split screen mode requires two game controllers supporting XInput such as the Xbox 360/Xbox One game pad. Those using DualShock or other non-XInput device may need to resort to XInput emulation software.
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