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Resident Evil Project Resistance Screenshots Suggest A 4-Player Multiplayer/Co-Op Title

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According to the first screenshots of the upcoming Resident Evil Project Resistance, Capcom could offer us a cooperative adventure.

Do publishers never learn from their mistakes? A few hours ago, Capcom announced that it would introduce a Resident Evil Project Resistance codenamed upcoming horror title with a trailer that will be aired for the first time on YouTube on September 9 at 5 pm.

Proud of it, the studio has already uploaded the sequence on the streaming video service and launched a countdown for the first broadcast. Except that, similarly like for Need for Speed ​​Heat, it was enough to screen grab a few images of the video thanks to the thumbnail system of YouTube.

These images show four civilians armed with different weapons, so it would not be surprising to know that the word “REsistance” was literally used for a cooperative multiplayer title. Check the screenshots below.

So we already have the first few visuals of Project Resistance, or at least its cinematic teaser, with four young heroes with a very urban look who seem ready to face a mysterious threat. Do you see it, the four-person co-op/multiplayer game where you have to survive the zombies? We will have to wait two weeks to know more.

What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments below.

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