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Resident Evil Origins Collection download available in January 2016

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Resident Evil Origins Collection will be coming up in the month of January next year. This is announced today by Capcom. They are going to offer Resident Evil Origins Collection for PS4, Xbox One and PC in the month of January next year around 19th. This will be coming first in North America. Then comes the Europe releases that will be somewhere around January 22. With this, there will also be a DVD released for the same that will include Resident Evil HD Remaster and Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster. This will be a kind of full pack with final release offering people multiple games in a single pack.

Resident Evil Origins Collection Screenshot
Resident Evil Origins Collection Screenshot

Resident Evil is a popular series of survival horror game. The collection would bring all stuffs at a single place where you don’t have buy each series separately and pay for each of them. This is a kind of twin pack that consist the above mentioned two games.

Also there will be an updated version of Resident Evil Zero coming up. This will offer a new Wesker Mode that adds Albert Wesker as the playable character in the game. The game will cost around $40 for the Digital Edition. And if you are going to get them separately from Steam then you have to pay $20 for each of them.

Here checking Resident Evil 0 would be something interesting because of its new Wesker content. This would also add a new twist in the game. There is a video below that will show you some glimpse on this upcoming game version.

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