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Resident Evil-Inspired Horror Game Daymare: 1998 Kickstarter Launch Trailer Released

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The italians boys of the Invader Studios team have announced that they have just launched Kickstarter campaign of Daymare: 1998, horror video game that is inspired by the classic episodes of the series of Resident Evil.

The Kickstarter campaign for Daymare: 1998 starts from today, a new survival horror from the boys of Invader Studios, Italian team behind the amateur remake of Resident Evil 2 (unfortunately canceled by Capcom). With the occasion a new trailer was also published that can be seen at the end of this article.

Just as a proof of this inspiration, the team announced that it will count on the collaboration of some historical members of Capcom: the first, Kazuhiro Aoyama, who at that time was director of Resident Evil 3 and will be now Associate Producer of Daymare: 1998.

Based on the Unreal Engine 4, the development of Daymare: 1998 will also see the collaboration of Satoshi Nakai, an artist who worked with Capcom titles like Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil Code Veronica, and who in this case will deal with the design of the monsters.

The video allows us to look at the settings and the enemies in the game, in expectation waiting for more details to emarge about the Kickstarter campaign on the project. The fundraiser will be open until March 17 and aims to achieve €180,000 to make the game a reality, a figure that would ensure the publication of the game on PC.

We point out that, with a donation of €15, you can take home a digital copy of the game, complete with the appearance of your name in the telephone directory that can be found within the game.

Invader Studios has also opened a blog dedicated to Daymare: 1998, which you can find at this link. As always we will follow the progress of the campaign closely, wishing them best of luck for their project.