Resident Evil creator prefers Steam and Digital sales

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The creator of such an important saga such as Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami, stated that he would like the title God Hand, which he produced when he was in Capcom, to come to PC and also was totally in favor of computer games and platforms like Steam, that gives priority to the digital over the physical version.

“I welcome the new world of Steam and digital sales. I used to put all of my games in their physical boxes on my bookshelf to look at them. Now I have a digital collection, and that’s better for Japanese people anyway because our houses are so small,” the legendary video game developer said in an interview to PCGamer.

Mikami said he would very much like to see his old console games on the PC, but he recalled that that is a decision that does not depend on him, but on Capcom.

He said that God Hand is a game he would “love to do again and bring it to Steam,” but it is not in his hands. “Unfortunately you’d have to ask Capcom or Sony about all of my old games,” Mikami said.

We recently learned that Mikami will no longer take a starring role in the development of The Evil Within 2, and instead will pass the post to young developers whom he wants to give them an opportunity in his new studio Tango Gameworks.

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  • Not surprising. Steam has its fair share of problems (like shi**y shovel ware taking over) but in terms of services, it’s one of the best out there.

    We already know Steam asks less than Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft’s store, updating is free, online play is free, publishers have full control over price, sale and what not.

    And ofcourse digital is much easier and cheaper. I do get why many are upset about this. Digital is taking over and some like having a physical collection of games.

    Me personally, I just get everything digital. It’s just much easier and it’s just software. Unlike a disc or cartridge, it doesn’t break. Sure there can be an error in the software itself but this is usually fixed over night.

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