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Resident Evil 7 ‘Not a Hero’ DLC Delayed

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Capcom has announced that the free DLC ‘Not A Hero’ of Resident Evil VII Biohazard has been postponed. Initially expected by the spring, the content is now devoid of a launch window.

Resident Evil 7 users will have to keep waiting to play ‘Not a Hero’, the free story DLC for the title, which was scheduled for this spring. Capcom has issued a statement announcing that it has delayed the launch of this downloadable content as its developers need more time to be able to grant ‘Not a Hero’ expansion the desired quality.

The development team made it known that they need more time to improve the quality of the DLC, which will be distributed free to all owners of the game. The developers have also revealed that they are working on other additional content for Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.

Unfortunately, the company has not provided a new release date for ‘Not a Hero’, so we will continue to wait to know when we can enjoy this new story dlc for Resident Evil 7 starring the legendary Chris Redfield.

Not A Hero will see the return of Chris Redfield and propose a unique adventure, separate from the main storyline of the game. Of course, we will be very attentive to the movements of Capcom to inform you about it as soon as there is some official information about the DLC.