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Resident Evil 7 New ‘Lantern’ Trailer Revealed at Gamescom 2016

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Capcom takes advantage of the Gamescom 2016 to distribute a completely new gameplay video of Resident Evil VII, as well as some images that bring honor to the character of Marguerite Baker.

Resident Evil 7 Wallpaper

Capcom has released a new gameplay trailer for Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. The video introduces the character of Marguerite Baker, co-owner (along with the companion Jack) who left the mansion in which the game is set.

Capcom has decided to change the approach of the Resident Evil saga with the seventh aspect. Simply called as Resident Evil 7, the future survival horror will play the cards of fear for subjective, ensuring a similar approach to the game Outlast.

As part of the Gamescom 2016, the Japanese publisher has released a gameplay video and some new images of the title, showcasing a progression in the dark home of Jack and Marguerite Baker, in the depths of Louisiana.

At the end of the video we will also acknowledge a second female character, still without a name, whose role is shrouded in mystery.

Recall that Resident Evil 7 will be available from January 24, 2017 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the version for the Sony console will also support the PlayStation VR headset, although you can even play without the device for virtual reality.

Capcom has also sent out press release of the game with few details about the Baker family:

“Set within the sinister plantation house in Dulvey, Louisiana, the Baker family, including Jack and Marguerite, were residents but no-one has seen or heard from them in a while. Where could they be? One thing is clear in the latest content to be shown from the game – there’s something not quite right within the plantation. Who is the mysterious girl in the gameplay? What does Marguerite want with her?”

Resident Evil 7 Screenshot

Resident Evil 7 Pics

Resident Evil 7 Images

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