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Resident Evil 7 Model Currently Working on A New Project, Teaser Will Be Released in September

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In a recent interview given to a Brazilian fan site, the model Geordie Dandy, who provided the face of the new Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 7, said he was working on a new and mysterious project related to the video game world.

“I am actually working on something quite big at the moment but can’t say too much. It relates to the gaming industry however. Teaser will be released in September and I’m super excited to see the final product.” In addition to that, he did not report much else. During the interview, he then spoke about the Resident Evil franchise and its experience during the realization of the seventh chapter.

What could it be? Dandy did not provide any other details about it, but we cannot help thinking about Resident Evil 8. What is it really about the eighth episode of the series? The sales of Resident Evil 7 – which amounted to 5.1 million copies – have fully satisfied Capcom, which is already working on a new chapter, as confirmed by the producer Jun Takeuchi in an official video of last year.

According to some, in addition, the free DLC of Not a Hero, starring Chris Redfield, would act as a bridge to the next chapter of the saga, which could, therefore, confirm the return of the famous character.

At the moment, in any case, there is no certainty about it and we cannot help but wait for the month of September when this mysterious project will be unveiled. What do you think about it? We remind you that Resident Evil 7 is available on PlayStation 4 (compatible with PlayStation VR), Xbox One and PC.