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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Live Action Trailer Revealed

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Capcom has released a new trailer in the live-action of Resident Evil VII Biohazard: the video, entitled Horror Comes Home, retraces the events narrated in the plot of the game, starting with the escape of the mysterious man trapped in the house of Bakers.

Resident Evil 7 Screenshot

Waiting to find out if this month the demo of Resident Evil 7 will update, Capcom has released a new and disturbing trailer in live-action titled as “Horror Comes Home”, and that presents a decidedly homemade directorial cut.

The trailer, entirely in the first person, shows the location very similar to the demo of “Beginning Hour” (is it a sign?) currently available on PS4, and is shot entirely in first person just to recall what will be the atmosphere of Resident Evil 7.

It is a live action trailer in much adrenaline, that wants to emphasize the nature of the survival horror game. As already stated by Capcom in the past, Resident Evil VII will see a return to basics, abandoning in part the action nature of the last chapters to return to leverage feelings like fear and horror.

Resident Evil VII Biohazard will be released on January 24, 2017 on Xbox One, Windows PC and PlayStation 4, in the latter case compatible with the PlayStation VR headset.