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Resident Evil 6 leaked in the lineup for PS Plus May 2016: Rumor

A photo appeared on the twitter network that seems to have anticipated the announcement of one of the PlayStation Plus games update of May, which will begin, as usual, a few days before the start of the month.

This is the remaster of Resident Evil 6 for PlayStation 4, that just came out a few weeks ago at a price of $19.99. A Twitter user named “Macximus Primus” has published a screenshot from the Irish PSN store indicating that the free game on PS4 could be Resident Evil 6.

At this time, we cannot confirm this news yet, given the opportunity how easily any pictures can be photoshopped.

Also, holders of PlayStation Plus for a long time did not get any news on PS4 AAA games. Of course, not without a firm expression of discontent on the forums and in comments on social media. Recent leaks that came from PlayStation Store of Germany, suggest that Watch Dogs and Tetris Ultimate will be also free to play in PS Plus May 2016 lineup.

Sony so far has not confirmed the authenticity of this offer, but the month of May is not far away and we should expect an official announcement in a few days. Stay tuned to find out if the title of Capcom and other games will be really a part of the official and definitive list of free games of PlayStation Plus in May 2016.

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