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Resident Evil 2 PC Version Uses Denuvo DRM, As Mentioned on Steam


The remake of the Survival Horror classic, Resident Evil 2, will release this month on January 25th.

Although the use of Denuvo’s security and anti-piracy technology has been in the midst of controversy over the effects it has on the gaming experience, it has been considered by some companies as the best option to protect the launch of its games and avoid, as far as possible, illegal copies from flooding the PC gaming environment. Precisely, Capcom has been one of the companies that has opted for this strategy and the same will happen with Resident Evil 2.

Now according to reports, the version of Resident Evil 2 for PC will be protected by Denuvo according to the description provided on its Steam website. After visiting the site of the game on the platform of Valve, it can be corroborated that, indeed, the remake of the Survival Horror classic will debut on PC with the controversial technology, which is already a concern for users because many are fearing that this will have negative impact in your gaming experience, as has happened in other cases.

Although this is a news that has left a bittersweet taste among fans, the expectation is that after the release, Capcom could decide to withdraw the protection of the game once, unfortunately, the scene of crackers overcomes the security barriers.

Resident Evil 2 will debut in this month on January 25 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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