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Resident Evil 2 Guide: Location of Keys of Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Flowers

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To visit all the rooms of Resident Evil 2 you will need to open the locked doors with the help of the relative keys. In this mini-guide we will explain where to find the keys of Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Flowers in the police station with Leon and Claire.

Key of Spades:
The Key of Spades can be collected by both Leon and Claire during the adventure. You will find it inside the west storage room on the third floor. Go to the locker at the end of the corridor and go inside the adjoining room to find the Spade Key at the top of the desk, next to a statuette.

Diamond Key:
The Diamond Key can also be found by both Claire and Leon. Before looking for it, however, you will have to get all three medallions of the statue of the goddess. The key is located inside the morgue, under the police station. Once you get the medallions, head to the morgue and open the drawers. The Key of Diamond will be on one of the zombie corpses.

Key of Hearts:
The Key of Hearts is relatively simple to find in Resident Evil 2. However, to collect it you will need to play as Claire. This key is in the police station head office. You’ll find it easily as soon as Claire enters the office from the parking lot.

Flower Key:
To get the Flower Key you will have to play as Leon. As seen for the Key of Diamonds, you will need the three medallions of the statue of the goddess. The Flower Key is located in the boiler room, which you can reach after exploring the structure under the police station.

Obtaining these keys will allow you to unlock the relevant doors, so as to obtain important rewards during the adventure.