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Resident Evil 2 Guide: All Ammunition Lockers Location

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In order to survive the horror title of Resident Evil 2 it is important to get the most out of it by opening the various Lockers scattered throughout the video game world. In this mini-guide we will provide you with the relevant codes required to open them and collect the ammunition contained within them.

Changing Room (CAP):
The first locker is located in the men’s locker room on the second floor of the police station. It will be right in front of you when you open the door. Pay attention to which door to open, since the one next door will contain a zombie ready to attack you. The code of this cabinet is located in the operating room on the first floor of the police station, written on the blackboard as “CAP”. Once the locker is open, Leon will find ammunition for the shotgun, while Claire will take ammunition for her grenade launcher.

Police Station, Third Floor (DCM):
The second locker is located on the third floor of the police station, next to the mannequin. The code is written in a roll of film in the garage’s shooting range, behind the opening door with the diamond key. You will have to develop the film in the Dark Room on the first floor of the police station, where the save room is located. The combination of this cabinet is “DCM”. Leon will receive some ammo for the magnum, while Claire will find shots for the machine gun.

Sewer Control Room (SZF):
To find the third cabinet, head to the control room of the upper sewers (follow the walkway that takes you over the cableway) and land in the control room, where there will be some zombies waiting for you. The code of this cabinet is on a jazz leaflet, in the staff recreation room (you will need the key you will find on the desk). The combination of this locker in question is “SZF”. This locker will reward Leon with the magnum ammo, and Claire with shots for the machine guns.

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