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Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors DLC Announced by Capcom

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Capcom recently spoke about the possibility of Resident Evil 2 receiving additional post-release content. The existence of the DLC is already a constant in the industry and we now know with certainty that the expected remake will follow this trend.

Through a special broadcast, Capcom confirmed several DLCs for Resident Evil 2. The good news is that the announced content will be free for all players. The first DLC consists of classic outfits for Leon and Claire.

The costumes will give the protagonists an appearance that will be nostalgic to more than one, as they will look like the original 1998 release. The costumes will first be offered as an incentive to buy prepaid cards for the PlayStation Store, at least in Japan.

The costumes will be free as of March 22. The other DLC is called Ghost Survivors and will offer a new game mode. In this new DLC, it will be possible to play with characters such as Robert Kendo, Katherine Warren, among others unconfirmed.

This content will also be characterized by offering a random game experience, so the elements and objects will be different in each game. There will be a point system with which you can buy items in a special store.

Below you can check the broadcast, where sections with gameplay are shown. If you want to see the announcement of the costumes go directly to the 58 minutes. If you want to see the announcement of The Ghost Survivor, go to the 1:21:10 minutes mark.

Resident Evil 2 will debut on January 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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