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Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days New Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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The developers of Big Star Games have presented a new official trailer of Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days in which it shows us all the action that the game will have, which is based on the famous movie of the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, the video game adaptation of the famous Quentin Tarantino movie, will arrive in a few weeks on PC and, to increase the desire, Big Star Games has published a new gameplay of the game. The video game based on the movie of the 90 has presented a new video, this time a gameplay in which you see some of the features that will offer.

In the video we see the characters Mr. White, Mir. Brown, Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde and Mr. Blue and we also witness the frantic mechanics of shots and an option to “rewind” the time we will enjoy in this title that will be available very soon. Remember that the 18 levels in the game will be inspired by the movie.

This game will have a violent content and will be based on a continuous recurring gameplay for the development of the action.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is scheduled to debut on May 18 on Xbox One and PC.

Do not miss the video below.

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