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Representative ensures that Nintendo is not ready to talk about NX

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Over a year ago, Nintendo announced that it was working on a new console called NX and, so far, official information about it is very scarce. However, the company believes it is too early to discuss about this issue. At least, this was stated by a representative in a recent talk with GameSkinny.

Nintendo NX Customizable Control 11

“Before we start, let me tell you if you have questions about Nintendo NX, possibly this will be a short interview,” the spokesman said. “Nintendo is still not ready to talk about it […] When we are ready, Nintendo probably will perform a Nintendo Direct in the future – before its launch – to talk about it,” he said.

Later, GameSkinny withdrew this part of the interview at the request of Nintendo and, although the reason is unknown, it is interesting that the company has asked to hide this information.

There are still many things we do not know about Nintendo NX, the console has not yet been officially presented and we neither know its price nor the exact launch date. On the website of the British retailer Tesco, however, a placeholder in which the platform has recently appeared is reported for an output by the end of the year to 349.99 pounds (about 400 Euros). But at the moment, as we said, there is nothing official about it.

Some believe that the secrecy of Nintendo is because the output is still far away for NX. However, others believe that the company will finally reveal the console in October. What do you think?