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Report: Zelda runs at 1080p/900p in dock mode and 720p in portable mode on Switch

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One doubt that was very latent after the announcements of Nintendo Switch tonight was about the resolution that their games will run in the different modes of the console. Reports from those who are already testing the games offered by the platform could give us that answer.

The good Oscar Yasser “Akira” reports from Japan through his Twitter account that a representative of the brand has commented that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild runs at 720p in portable mode and 900p when the console is in the dock; also added that it looks really good in portable mode.

The information was entrusted by a representative of Nintendo to the creator of an application for smartphones Oscar Yasser. The latter, based in Japan, is currently attending the event organized by Nintendo in Tokyo and relayed the information to his Twitter account.

Below is his reply on Twitter for this matter:

Later he added that the same representative also commented that the console can run 1080p without problems while being in the dock.

Anyway we will make sure to update any information related to the subject, be aware of all our coverage on Nintendo Switch here on GameTransfers.