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Report: PS4 firmware update 5.0 will allow you to change your PSN ID

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According to some reports, Sony has opened the registrations to preview the new firmware update going to come on PlayStation 4. According to some reports that have emerged in the last few hours, among the new features included in the update, we would be able to change our PSN ID.

If all the details that came up with the recent reports proved true, then the PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.0 should add the following features:

1. Arrival of PS One Classics
2. The ability to remove or hide game demos and trials from library
3. Store wishlist (similar to Steam)
4. Increase the maximum number of players in a PSN party
5. The ability to change PSN ID

This is undoubtedly quite useful features, but since we’re talking about simple corridor items, we just have to wait for more detail from Sony to find out if some (or all) of these features will actually be inserted with the new firmware update coming on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

As you probably know, Sony has started searching for beta-testers from around the world for a few weeks for PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.0. If you are interested in participating you just need to have a PS4, a good internet connection and a Master account to be able to sign up.

The beta test will start in the early days of August 2017.

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