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Report: PlayStation 4 could be getting a Price Cut

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PlayStation 4 is, today, the best-selling home console of the present generation, ahead of Xbox One and Wii U, its direct competitors. Over the years, we have seen new versions of the current machines being born and it seems that in a short time we will experience a further price reduction in the cost of the Sony console.

Just a few days ago Sony made official the data of its last fiscal year, where it was revealed that PlayStation 4 had reached the incredible number of 60 million consoles distributed around the world. The forecast of the Japanese firm for this fiscal year is to sell another 18 million units, something that the popular analyst Michael Pachter believes possible in which case he has given some concrete conditions.

According to forecasts by analyst Michael Pachter, who spoke a few days ago about the possible launch of a new Sony console in 2018, PS4 will lower its price “soon”. In its forecasts, the price range in which the machine would be placed and the lower editions would not have been detailed. According to the words of Pachter “If they price the PS4 correctly, they can sell another 18 million, and I think the forecast suggests that there is a price cut coming.”

Bearing in mind that at present PS4 can be achieved for less than 250 euros in its Slim model, it is expected that this hypothetical price reduction will bring the basic edition of the console to 200 euros which is made to expand its market share now as Microsoft prepares for Project Scorpio.

In a little more than a month the E3 2017 in Los Angeles will be held, ideal time for Sony to announce this rumored price reduction of PlayStation 4. Until then, we will have wait for information about it.