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You can now report players in PUBG for Xbox One

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PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS will receive some news in its version for Xbox One today. PUBG Corp. prepared an update that will be available first on the test servers and then all its content will go to live servers.

The company invited the players to try the novelties, because this will serve to detect any type of error before the final release. To do this, you should only have a copy of the game and search for “PUBG Test Server” in the Microsoft store.

Among the new content, there is weaponry such as the Beryl M762, an assault rifle that you will find in all the maps available in the Battle Royale. It uses ammunition caliber 7.62mm and has the capacity for 30 bullets. You can add sights and grabs.

Also, the MK47 Mutant was added, which is also a powerful assault rifle. This gun has 2 shooting modes: single and 2-round burst. As for vehicles, you will find the Scooter and the Tukshai only in Sanhok. The laser sight was also added, an accessory to fine-tune your aim.

The update makes a restructuring in the BP system, which previously was based solely on the player’s ranking. Now also the total time played in each map and mode will be taken into account.

To improve the gaming experience, the player reporting function was implemented. There will be different options, such as reporting for teamwork, for interfering in the gameplay or verbal harassment. Complaints may be made once the games are concluded.

On the other hand, you can position the camera either on the right or left shoulder by default. The marker system was improved on the map, so it will be easier to create and all members of a team will be able to see the signal on the compass.

Finally, a large number of errors were solved and the overall performance of the game was improved. This is because the used memory is released more effectively for use in other processes.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is available for Xbox One and PC.