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Report: Nintendo Switch won’t support Optical Audio out

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And now more technical details of the new Nintendo console appears on the go. If you are very interested in the subject of audio maybe this is relevant to you. According to a recent report, Nintendo Switch would be following the tradition of Wii and Wii U and thus will not have an optical audio port.

Do you mind the absence of this port? Recall that although its first version did have the port, the PS4 Slim does not have one either. On the other hand, the Xbox One S has it and the PS4 Pro as well.

Will the absence of optical audio port on Switch greatly affect your gaming experience? Do let us know about your opinion in the comment section below.

In another news, it was also reported that the Grip that is included om your initial Nintendo Switch package (the famous puppy-shaped handle) is basically just a piece of plastic to keep the Joy-Con together as a single controller, but the one sold separately at $30 dollars does include an internal battery to charge them.

What can we do then? You can play in portable mode to load the Joy-Con while you play or think about acquiring a Pro controller that allows you to let them rest loading connected to the console in the dock; the other option is to simply buy the $30 Charging Grip or an additional pair of JoyCon ($79.99).