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Report: Nintendo recalls Wii U stock from Best Buy (Update)

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Update: I was recently contacted by a representative of Best Buy Canada who told me that Nintendo is not issuing a recall of the Wii U. However, the question still remains why there is shortage of Wii U consoles which is still unknown, we will update this news if we will find more information on it.

Original Story: According to some rumors, Nintendo Wii U would be withdrawing from the shops. The voice came from a NeoGAF user who failed to find the console at Best Buy, he requested information from an employee of the chain store who would have confirmed the withdrawal of unsold inventory.

Nintendo could have started the withdrawal of the Wii U console there were in circulation in the United States. The rumor starts from NeoGaf, in particular by a user who intends to retrieve one of the past generation console from Nintendo now and unable to get one in the American stores.

The employee in question works at a Canadian store of Best Buy and admitted he did not know the reason of the return, however, confirmed that all units in the store and in the warehouse have been recalled by Nintendo.

According to other rumors reported by the site SegmentNext, it is not just about Best Buy, but also many other chains and online stores are recalling the console, however, it is not clear why the house of Kyoto has chosen this course, rather than applied deep discounts to empty warehouses in anticipation of the arrival the Switch.

Is this a move in preparation for Switch, after stopping the production of the Wii U?

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In any case, anything that is reported has not been confirmed officially, we therefore invite you to take the news with care waiting for any clarifications from the company.