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Report: Nintendo NX could use cartridges instead of discs

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The Wall Street Journal does echoes a series of leaks, according to the medium of sources close to Nintendo, of the only possible use of cartridges in the new console from the Japanese company, Nintendo NX. It is not the first time we hear something like this, so that there would be some certainty in the format change in reading.

Nintendo NX cartridges

New rumors have emerged for Nintendo NX, Nintendo’s new gaming console. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo NX will use cartridges instead of game discs, that was actually already leaked several weeks ago.

“Industry watchers said cartridges were a reasonable choice for Nintendo’s next-generation system, code-named NX, because the company targets a wider range of consumers than Sony or Microsoft,” the Wall Street Journal stated. “Nintendo’s core fans include small children, who might scratch discs but find cartridges tougher to damage.”

“Cartridges also allow games to load faster, are harder to copy and can be mass-produced faster than discs,” they concluded. These sources are in line with the filtration done weeks ago by Eurogamer, returning to talk about this format when playing games on Nintendo NX.

According to other leaks, cartridges manufactured by Macronix would be based on a new technology for its ROM chips of 32nm (nanometers), something that would make the cards to enjoy a greater storage capacity – upto 32GB – compared to the current 8GB cards of 75nm used in the portable Nintendo 3DS gaming console.