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Report: Nintendo NX could have VR functions

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It seems that the next Nintendo console, the Nintendo NX will enter mass production in early 2017, delaying the original plan to begin production in 2016. The reason is, according to sources, the Japanese company wants to improve the experience of the system adding features of virtual reality and other advantages to take advantage of upcoming titles and mobile games.

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The information comes from Digitimes, the medium claims to have sources mentioned that Nintendo NX combines the experience of a console and mobile games. The device would have a screen of 5 to 7-inches, control and stick to mobile titles that can be also enjoyed. As if that were not enough, the company is planning to add the VR function to meet this growing market.

Also, the source noted that Nintendo gave the order to begin mass production of the Nintendo NX in mid-2016, but the company now has a new calendar, so the mass production of key components will begin later this year.

As if that was not enough, the source mentioned that the volume of orders for the console was reduced. Initially, Nintendo requested the production of 20 million units for the first year, but now the company decided to order about 10 million units.

So we can only wait to see what is the plan of this Nintendo system that unfortunately will not be present at E3 2016 for the fans, and plans to launch by early 2017.

However, out of all bad news, during E3 2016 we will see The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, a title that will be playable through 2 demos that can be completed in 90 minutes.