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Report: Nintendo NX could be region-free

Many Nintendo consoles have been characterized by region lock, which caused westerners to lose great games that were not localized. Fortunately, it seems that this trend is about to change, as sources say that Nintendo NX might not have region lock.

The information comes from Let’s Play Video Games (recovered by Polygon) which said that Nintendo NX development kit software can run in any region. Furthermore, the source says that the developers have assured that Nintendo has not said anything about implementing this limitation in the final version of NX.

As you know, all domestic consoles of Nintendo and the 3DS have region lock, so this change seems small, but actually it would be significant. That said, even if the information proves to be true, the fact that the development kit of NX has no region lock does not mean that the final version of the console is the same.

On the other hand, the source ensures that the development kit of Nintendo NX has a share button, which we imagine is similar to Share of DualShock 4. The site also notes that the current development kit is a bit thicker than the Nintendo 3DS one.

It is important to note that this information should be taken as a rumor as it has not been confirmed by Nintendo. As you know, the company has kept secret the details of its next console, which many would argue that uses cartridges and could be a hybrid between portable and domestic console with detachable controls.

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