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Report: Destiny 2 could come to PC

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A recent report by Kotaku notes that, next year, Destiny 2 is not only coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but also to PC. According to journalist Jason Schreier, multiple sources have shared this information with him and also revealed that the game will be very different from the first title.


It all started when a NeoGAF user, known as benny_a, claimed that distributor Activision today broke the news to its employees during an internal presentation. “I have also heard that D2 is coming to PC and that Vicarious Visions is working on it. Don’t know about raid matchmaking,” added Schreier.

In addition, the reporter said “I’ve heard that Bungie’s leadership wants Destiny 2 to feel like a proper sequel, even if that means leaving old planets, characters, and activities behind.I don’t know exactly how much will change in Destiny 2, but all signs point to the developers starting from scratch,” he said.

Schreier said that Desitiny 2 will include a new business model called Play-in Destinations, with the planets most populous and missions will be more interesting to feel. “If Destiny 2 won’t let players carry over their old characters, Bungie will likely offer something to players who have poured hundreds of hours into the first game,” he added.

Apparently, after the release of the expansion of The Taken King, Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy have worked respectively as director and executive producer for Destiny 2. In addition, it is said that the current development team has over 750 employees, some from studios of High Moon and Vicarious Visions.