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Report: Burnout Paradise HD Remaster Will Hit PS4 in Japan

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Before the end of 2017, we informed you about a rumor that started circulating and related to a probable launch of Burnout Paradise for current consoles, including Nintendo Switch.

Today the information begins to take shape as it was revealed that an HD remastered version of the racing title is en route to PS4 and will debut in Japan.

According to a report, with information from the Twitter account, Renka_schedule, which reports on video game releases in Japan, the HD Remaster of Burnout Paradise will arrive on PS4. The title, tentatively named as Burnout Paradise HD Remaster, will hit the Japanese market in a physical edition on March 16 and will be priced at ¥4104 JPY, $36 USD.

The information that gave rise to the rumor about the launch of the game, referred to a leak from a Brazilian store where its upcoming debut was announced and had an estimated date of March 1.

In this way, at least you already have a confirmed launch for the console version of Burnout Paradise HD Remaster and we just have to wait for information related to its probable launch on other platforms.