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How to remove watermark from pdf

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You can embed text, pictures, and other PDF records into at least one page of the PDF report with the watermarking device. It can fully control the position, size, ambiguity, and different watermark reputations. You can keep them for reuse. You can also import and add watermark arrangement files to transfer to others. The watermark outline contains at least one watermark or foundation. If u want to know how to remove the watermark from pdf, this information may help you.


Regular use of watermarks includes:

Watermark and foundation: insert the organization logo. And different branding to be consistent with the logo on the page and archive.

Show the status of the report: Use the picture as a watermark, also, Such as “review. “confirmation,” and “draft” so that the beneficiary knows the status of the archive you shared.

remove the watermark from pdf:

In the Page Marks collection of the Page Layout tab. Then, click Watermark. Show “Monitor Watermark and Background” dialog.

For an overview of the watermark profile. Please refer to the section on selecting a profile. The design record can contain various watermarks.

To view all watermarks in the profile, click the + button near the profile.

To monitor the layout record and design the “Apply to Document” menu:

1. In the “Page Marks” collection of the “Page Layout” tab, click “Watermark.” The “Monitor Watermark and Background” exchange box appears.

2. For the outline of the watermark arrangement file. If there is not much trouble. You can refer to the “Select Profile” area. Please perform any of the following accompanying actions:

To rename the profile, double-click it and enter a new name

To create another profile, click “New Profile.” Another profile will be displayed in the lower part of the “Select Profile” list. Enter the name of the design file.

This profile’s request determines the configuration file’s request in the “Apply to Document” menu. When you include another watermark profile, it will be added to the lower part of the “Select Profile” list and embedded at the top of the “Apply to Document” menu.

So, to delete a watermark profile, select a profile, and click “Erase.”

3. Also, apply the watermark configuration file to your PDF report. So, please close the “Monitoring Watermark and Background” discussion box at this time. Also, select a configuration file, and then click “Apply.”

Add other watermarks or foundations to the design file.

1. In the “Page Marks” collection of the “Page Layout” tab, click “Watermark.” The “Monitor Watermark and Background” exchange box appears.

2. Select a profile in the “Select Profile” summary and click “Include.” Choose a watermark:

Text: Then, Enter watermark text

Picture: Use a picture as a watermark or basis for the page

PDF: Import PDF records to use as watermark or page basis

3. Design features of watermark or foundation:

In the “Watermark Name” field. Enter the Nitro Pro name. You need to use it in the summary and menu. This name is unique relative to the content displayed in the watermark in the PDF report.

Also, Indicate whether to cover (on top of any substance, such as text) or coating (behind anything invisible)

Before, Shading, foundation, and other options for a watermark or basic situation

4. Then, Capture and save to include the new watermark or basis into the selected profile.

To import or fare the watermark design document:

1. In the “Page Marks” bunch on the “Page Layout” tab, click “Watermark.” So the “Oversee Watermark and Background” exchange box shows up.

2. Also, a Perform one of the accompanying activities:

To send out a watermark profile, select a profile in the “Select Profile” rundown and snap “Fare.” Spare the design document as a .nxp record

To import the watermark design document, click Import. When bringing in the .nxp record, the new design document will be added to the set-up document list’s furthest limit.

To remove the watermark from pdf or base in the PDF report:

In the “Page Marks” bundle on the “Page Layout” tab, click the bolt under “Watermark” and select “Apply to Document.”

The menu records all watermarks and basic setting documents. Choose a profile from the summary to apply it to your PDF record.

Note: If you embed a book-based watermark, if a similar text style is not introduced on the payee’s frame, the watermark may not be displayed correctly. If you don’t know which text style the payee uses, it’s best to use a standard text style, such as Times-Roman, Courier, Helvetica, or Symbol. For more data, see Embedded Fonts.

To remove the watermark from pdf and foundation from the file:

In the “Page Marks” column on the “Page Layout” tab, click the bolt under “Watermark” and then select “Remove Watermark” from the menu.

So, thee exchange box asks you to confirm the deletion of all watermarks. Faster.