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Remnant From the Ashes Guide: How to find Pocket Watch to get Bandit Armor

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In Remnant From the Ashes, you may encounter several non-player characters while exploring various planets. These NPCs may turn out to be traders or quest givers who hand outside quests. One of these characters, which you will meet in your travels, can be attributed to the Mud Tooth. Having fulfilled a small condition, you will be able to take a pocket watch from him, which will be useful to you for obtaining Bandit Armor.


Get to the Mud Tooth’s Hideout:

Before you can talk with the Mud Tooth, you have to get to his hideout. You will find the Mud Tooth’s Hideout on Earth after you make your way through the Metro. The old man sits in a crashed helicopter, shrouded in a large tree (check the image at the top of this article). This helicopter is a control point at this level and it is almost impossible not to notice it.

How to get a pocket watch:

As soon as you meet a Mud Tooth, you will understand that he likes to talk. To get a pocket watch from him, you need to listen to his every story. Ultimately, his dialogue line will be exhausted. As soon as this happens, he will give you the watch, and you will open the corresponding achievement.

Remnant From the Ashes Pocket Watch

A pocket watch is an amulet that increases stamina recovery and reduces its costs. This is a very good item for almost any build.

How to get Bandit Armor:

When you have a pocket watch, you can use it to get a new set of armor. On Earth, you may encounter Brabus boss at the Depot. The Brabus boss is a companion of the Mud Tooth, who often traveled with him in the old days. If you give him a watch, he will leave you alive and give you a set of Bandit armor.

Check the video explanation below:

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