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Remnant From the Ashes Guide: All Armor Set Location

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The new Gunfire Games project, Remnant From the Ashes, features many armor sets that your character can use. These armor sets give different bonuses to the hero and can even change the whole style of your game. However, most of these sets are hidden in different parts of the game world or require solving complex puzzles.

We decided to simplify your search for these items by indicating their location and describing the solution to riddles. All that is required of you is to carefully study our guide about all armor sets in Remnant From the Ashes.

Note: Most levels in the game are generated automatically, so some locations may look a little different.


Class Armor Sets


  • Area: Ward 13
  • Control Point or Object: Riggs

When passing the training prologue you have to choose a class for your character. The archetype of your choice affects the set of armor issued by Rigs in Ward 13. If you want to get other sets of armor, then go back to Rigs and just buy the remaining sets from him. The following class sets exist:

  • Hunter set
  • Scrapper set
  • Cultist set

These armors cannot boast of high characteristics, so we recommend that you change them at any opportunity.

Drifter’s Set

  • Area: Earth
  • Control Point or Object: Founder’s Hideout

In the Founder’s Hideout, there is a high bookshelf on the back wall next to the message board. Break it with a melee, then bend down and crawl through the hole. Next, go up. On the second floor you will find two parts of the Drifter’s Set. A helmet is a random item that can be found on Earth.

Twisted Set

  • Area: Earth
  • Control Point or Object: The Gallows

On Earth, look for an area called the “The Gallows” located after the “Church” site (this is a dungeon that can spawn on a level). Complete the survival mission, and then use the Root Workbench to create the Twisted Set.

Osseous Set

  • Region: Rohm
  • Control Point or Object: Wasteland Merchant

Head to Wod, located near the Wasteland Merchant on Roma. Talk to him and buy all the information that he has. Once you have exhausted all of its information for sale, he will offer you to buy the Bone Set (Osseous Set).

Void Set

  • Region: Rohm
  • Control Point or Object: Monolith

In short, you need to go to the “Monolith”, find a round symbol and solve the puzzle with plates. After that, you can go down to the secret underground area and use the workbench there to create the desired set.

Slayer Set


  • Area: Corsus
  • Checkpoint or object: The Elf Queen

You can get Slayer Set armor on the planet Corsus. Give the Elven Queen the Guardian’s Heart, and she will reward you with this armor. Nice exchange.

Radiant Set

  • Region: Yaesh
  • Milestone or facility: Stuck merchant

As with the Bone Set, this set of armor can be purchased from a merchant. This time head to Yaesh and find the right seller. First buy all the information from him, and then take the shining armor and greaves. A helmet is a random drop falling from enemies at a given level.