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Rumor: Remedy Is Working on Quantum Break 2

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HR Nikoofar, who has made many podcasts with major video game developers, is a person connected to the video game development industry and today he confirmed that Remedy Games is working on Quantum Break 2. This is the mysterious third project that Remedy is working on alongside the Crossfire 2 campaign and its P7 project.

In its case, the title is going to be a more open game focusing on co-op, something we did not see in Remedy games. According to more recent job offers, the game should also bring what it takes from Destiny, but we hope that these are just the positive aspects. In addition, the game can offer a refined story – such as what we are accustomed to by Remedy. We’ll see the title at E3 2018 for sure.

The reason why Microsoft chose the sequel to Quantum Break instead of Alan Wake is that while the brand of Alan Wake is owned by Remedy, the rights to the Quantum Break brand belongs to Microsoft. For the same reason, Microsoft’s trademark ownership does not resolve the sequel to Ryse, which belongs to Crytek, and who did not sell it despite the fact that it collapsed. If Microsoft and Crytek cooperate, they will soon order a new brand from them.

This is a fairly interesting concept, which combined the game with the highly refined graphics with the series. In addition, lengths of individual episodes varied depending on how many collectible players they collected.