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Remedy Won’t Abandon Single Player Games after Control

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Back in 2016, Remedy published a post on its blog entitled “Remedy Goes Multiplayer”, however, the studio’s communications manager, Thomas Puha, returned to talk about the topic during Boston’s PAX East.

“We are working on Control which will be released on August 27th and No, we’re not pivoting away from single-player games,” said Puha, who continues by saying the following: “The one assumption I do want to correct is that a lot of people at Remedy have been there for a long time. It’s not like we always want to be making the exact same thing either. A lot of us like multiplayer games a lot – and other types of games. So it’s like we look at it [and say], ‘It would be fun to try to do something and find our way in that world’, and Remedy tends to be pretty careful, for a good reason.”

“We’ve been in business since ‘95 in a very volatile industry and we want to make sure we stay in business. So with Vanguard it’s more like, ‘Okay, well go experiment. You have your kind of sandbox and let’s see what comes out of it’. And another reason, really, is that we want to keep hold of all the great people we have, so from a company level it’s like, ‘Let’s give our staff opportunities to work with different types of things.’ So there’s that as well,” Puha declared.

Thomas Puha then returned to talk about Alan Wake 2, confirming that a concept of the game existed in 2010 but the company did not find an interested publisher. Currently, Remedy has IP rights but a possible return of Alan Wake seems very unlikely for the moment.

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